Gel-One® Cross-linked Hyaluronate

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What is Gel-One® Cross-linked Hyaluronate?

The main goal of the Gel-One® Cross-linked Hyaluronate injection is preserving quality of life!
It is an early-intervention treatment that is designed to relieve patients who may suffer from osteoarthritis, joint pain, or other orthopedic conditions. Gel-One Hyaluronate is a natural supplement to the fluid found in joints known as synovial fluid. Most importantly, it provides pain relief and improved knee function!

What can I Expect During Gel-One® Treatment?

Gel-One Hyaluronate consists of a single office visit and a single injection for optimum convenience. In addition, unlike other treatments, Gel-One Hyaluronate is a highly purified injection and only requires a 3mL dose. Gel-One's purified lower dose makes for a safe, effective and complete treatment.

Featured Facts:
  • Single-injection Convenience
  • Lower Treatment Volume
  • Single Office Visit Convenience
  • Highly Purified Formula
  • Natural Supplement to Synovial Fluid

Post-Treatment Care:

There are several important things to remember following your Gel-One® treatment. During the first 48 hours, it is recommended to avoid any strenuous physical activities including tennis, jogging, heavy lifting, etc. Also, patients should avoid prolonged weight-bearing activities, and staying on their feet for over an hour at a time. Under an orthopedic specialist's guidance, patients can slowly begin to regain their mobility, and return to the activities they enjoy!

What are the Benefits of Gel-One®?

According to the latest clinical study consisting of 377 patients who suffered from osteoarthritis and knee pain in the United States, patients who received Gel-One® injections experienced greater pain relief than patients who did not. The study indicates that Gel-One® paint treatment helped patients regain their mobility, and overall lifestyle.

  • Knee Pain Relief
  • Restored Mobility
  • Safe, Effective and Convenient

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