Knee or Hip Revision

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Are you unhappy with a previous joint replacement? Do you have pain or instability again?

Revision surgery is performed on patients who have previously undergone an initial joint replacement surgery but now suffer from a failing implant. Joint replacement revision surgery is common among patients who suffer from mechanical complications of implants or have continued to live an active lifestyle wearing out their implant. Revision joint replacement of the hip or knee in Central Florida can help allow your hip or knee function be normal function once again!

When is revision surgery necessary?

There are number of reasons a surgeon would recommend revision joint replacement of the hip or knee.
  • Pain
  • Implant failure
  • Loosening of the implant
  • Instability (implant misaligned)
  • Infection (swelling of hip or knee)
  • Repetitive hip dislocation

A “Revision”/Re-do of hip or knee replacement involves removing the previously installed joint implant and replacing it with a new implant. Extensive preoperative evaluation is conducted to understand the severity of the implant wear or other mechanical complication. Generally “revision” joint replacement is more complex and may require longer operation time than a first time joint replacement surgery.

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What are My Options?

There may be an option for you to solve the pain of a previous joint replacement surgery. Dr. Abhijit Manaswi orthopedic surgeon in Central Florida, offers assessments of failing hip or knee joint replacements to help patients get back to the life they want to live.

Dr. Manaswi offers Hip or Knee Revision using technology that enables consistently reproducible precision. After removing failing implant Dr. Manaswi uses minimally invasive techniques offering the potential benefits of improved surgical outcomes, bone sparing techniques and the ability to return to an active lifestyle.

A surgeon’s assessment of previous joint replacement would be required to establish if a patient is eligible for “revision” surgery. Revision surgery is a safe and voluntary procedure, however there are higher rates of complication and complex issues can arise post operatively.

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